Need For Speed World Hacks 20.03.13

Need For Speed World Trainer GMZ 20.03.13

F1 TankMode
F2 Wallhack
F3 Ghost
F4 Pursuit MAX LEVEL
F5 DrunkDriver
F6 Infinite PowerUps
F7 Fast PowerUps
F8 Ignore StartSync
F9 AutoFinish (QUIT)
F10 CarHack
F11 JoinChat
PAGEUP SpeedHack

other features/automatically turned on:
AntiSpam xD



Need For Speed World CarChanger(better) 20.03.13

How to use:
1) Start the program and press F1 and choose the machine from the list
2) Go and get out of the garage
3) To turn off press F1
Bypass automatic anticheat **
Changes in version 2.8:

Updated version for 1420

Fixed "Nissan Silvia (S15)"
Fixed "Dodge Charger SRT-8 Super Bee"
Program code optimization
Fixed a bug where the application can load the CPU to 20% (now 0% -0.3%)
Added ability to change the hotkey ("Options" -> "Hot Keys" / eng. "Settings" -> "Hot Keys")
Created: GMZ, DarkExaByte, Android, Vityacv (Grateful "Zapiliment" and "TRANE8881")


Need For Speed World Car Changer 20.03.2013

IF The hacks are outdated please use the Need For Speed World button from top of the page !

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    Nu mai poate fi downloadat, a fost sters. Altul numai poate fi pus ?

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    Nu se mai poate descarca, puneti alt hack sau site

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