Need For Speed World NEW Hack Trainer Code !!

We are always updating trainers and hacks ,cheats. LATEST WORKING CHEAT:

HOW to use:

1.Open the game 
2. Enther the world
3.Open hack 
4.Automaticaly enters in the game
5 Enjoy!

Please coment when is not working .Thank you !

TachkaMenyalka v2.6 (06.03.13)

How to use:
1) Start the program and press F1 and choose the machine from the list
2) Go and get out of the garage
3) To turn off press F1
Bypass automatic anticheat **

Changes in version 2.6:

Updated version of the game for 1398
Added "Lamborghini Estoque" (Hidden Machine)

Created: GMZ, DarkExaByte, Android, Vityacv (Grateful "Zapiliment" and "TRANE8881")


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  1. Anonymous says:

    NFS world cheats not working either. try link to get working nfsw hacks.

  2. Actus Aus says:

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