Speedius v5.0

[Image: image.php? Di = QPM1]
How to use:
1) Start the game 
2) Run Speedius.exe Features:

[SHIFT + F1] Acceleration - configurable acceleration (light control)
[SHIFT + F2] Tank Mode - the car is not slowed down by collisions with objects.
[***************] Hold & Go - car accelerates as you hold the button jammed.
[SHIFT + F3] Transparent - Riding through the objects in the game (but not through walls).
[SHIFT + F4] Fast Powerups - quick to believe. No need to wait until believe will become available after use.
[SHIFT + F5] Infalte Titres - inflate tires. Enough to enable a time.
[SHIFT + F6] Camera X - the camera from moving axially X'ov. (Works in the "rear view")
[SHIFT + F7] Y Camera - the camera from moving axially Y'ov. (Works in the "rear view") ** Trainer only works with dynamic memory. Bypass anti-cheat is not required.

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